Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck

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  • Lax abdominal wall muscles following pregnancy or aging
  • Excess fat and loose skin in the abdominal area, which cannot be improved by dieting or exercise
  • General
  • 2.5 hrs
In / Outpatient
  • Either depending on individual circumstances
  • Through an incision low on the abdomen, excess skin and fat is removed, and the underlying muscle is tightened to give the stomach a flat and firm look. Stretch marks on the lower abdomen are eliminated
  • Bruising, numbness and discomfort in lower abdomen for 2 weeks
  • Patients wear a supportive garment for 4 weeks
  • Return to work after 2 weeks, but no strenuous activity for 4 weeks
  • Swelling at the surgery site may persist for 6 months, and scars will fade over 12-18 months
  • Provides a smooth, flat, well-toned abdomen
  • The resulting contour is permanent, provided there is no subsequent weight gain or loss
  • Poor wound healing, resulting in conspicuous scars or skin loss
  • Infection, bleeding, fluid collection
  • Numbness
  • Blood clots